Market Mondays: Vancouver Expensive? What Does $111,800,000 Get You In London?

London 111mm

Not Quite Downton Abbey But Close

Last week we received a lot of comments on the high price of real estate in Greater Vancouver. We expected this as the property we featured was listed over $20,000,000. But it got us thinking…how does Vancouver, by all press accounts the most expensive city in the Universe, compare to other world class cities in terms of high end real estate?

We thought it might be fun to look at other Olympic cities, and where better to start than London England? Apparently London has a lot of offshore buyers who like to invest in high end real estate. Sound familiar? In any case, here’s a country cottage located in one of the swankiest areas of London, suitable as a summer home for any Sheik, Prince or Owner of any of the local Premier League Football Clubs.

Offered at a measly $111,800,000.00 Canadian. See the entire listing with photos at:  Downton Abbey in London

We didn’t even try to work out the mortgage payments for this one. Most countries couldn’t afford the monthly payments…

London Sky ShotLondon Entrance


2 Comments on “Market Mondays: Vancouver Expensive? What Does $111,800,000 Get You In London?”

  1. Smart Rates says:

    You might have to put in some overtime as well!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m going to need a better job, lol.

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