Market Mondays: Wayne Newton’s Former Las Vegas Ranch Reduced to $48Million Dollars

Newton Front

Casa de Shenandoah in Las Vegas

Some of you might remember Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas ranch from the movie Vegas Vacation and Ellen Griswold’s famous date with the  Vegas icon. Wayne moved out months ago, and apparently the new owner has sunk over $20million dollars in repairs and upgrades to the property, including the removal of over 7,000 cubic yards of horse manure!

The property is truly one of a kind, encompassing 40acres with the main home and 7 additional homes, a 37 stall stable, an F28 jet and terminal, tennis courts, ponds, fountains, pools, car museum and of course, its very own private zoo. The new owner was originally intent on the creation of a Wayne Newton museum, but has since decided to sell. Price is now reduced from $70 to $48million for a quick sale.

With 35% down you could own this marvelous home for a mere $131,228.02 per month, plus annual taxes and servants fees.

View the incredible photo gallery of the entire property at: Wayne’s World aka Waniac Mansion


Newton JetNewton Gate


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