Market Mondays: Carlos Santana Takes a Hit on Vegas House


Santana Residence in Las Vegas

Even Carlos Santana isn’t immune to the hard times when it comes to Las Vegas real estate. Santana took a gamble on the market when he purchased this stunning property in 2010 for $3,500,000. After a year on the market, the property finally sold in February of this year for $2,855,000. One wonders how he made out at the tables?

All kidding aside, the property is truly one of a kind, with breathtaking views and beautiful pools and decks. Over 7,000 square feet, the house is definitely worth taking a look at. You can view the entire property at: Santana Takes a Hit

Don’t worry about Santana for taking the loss. He moved into a new property just down the road which he purchased for over $6,000,000. The new property features over $2,000,000 in audio equipment alone! You can take a look at the new home at: Rock Star Pad With Big Sound




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