Market Mondays: Vancouver Expensive? What Do You Get in Hong Kong for $100 Million?


13,500 Sq Ft Castle in Hong Kong

For all of you who continue to think Vancouver and Toronto are over priced, we bring you a 13,500 sq. ft. castle in Hong Kong. Built in 1966, the property is a combination of what was originally 3 individual houses, and boasts 12 bedrooms, all with ensuites and beautiful floor to ceiling windows with views of the bay and coastline.


Two full-sized pools and enormous decks complete the outside of the estate. As the ad reads: “Host a pool side barbecue and invite your friends over for a party!”

We like the ad layout provided by the agent of this listing. It shows the cost per square foot at $74,746.40 in Hong Kong dollars. At today’s rates, that equates to $10,635.22 per square foot in Canadian dollars.

If you can’t come up with the down payment, the home is also available for rent at $1,155,000 HK dollars per month. That’s $164,000 per month Canadian with a damage deposit just north of $80,000.

View the entire listing with an excellent map of Hong Kong at:  Hong Kong Castle


loadPropertyPhoto1.php loadPropertyPhoto2.php loadPropertyPhoto4.php


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