Market Mondays: What Does $600,000 Get You At Trump Tower in Vancouver?

Donald Trump will soon be opening his combination luxury hotel and residences in the heart of Vancouver. renderingDayScheduled for completion in mid 2016, the beautiful tower will offer fantastic amenities for both hotel guests and residence owners alike.

We have to admit that when we began to research this new Trump project, we were expecting a bland rectangle with an enormous TRUMP sign at the top of the building. Anyone who has visited Las Vegas recently will know what we’re talking about. The golden Vegas Trump building is a true eyesore in a city where it’s actually quite an accomplishment to create an eyesore!

Vancouver though, is a totally different story. The design of the structure should be a fantastic addition to the existing skyline. If there’s a giant TRUMP sign on the roof you can’t see it in any of the available drawings of the project.

The amenities are what you might expect from a Trump project. A pool night club, champagne lounge, signature restaurants and a Mediterranean inspired boutique spa are among the highlights. The Trump website for the project makes it a little difficult to get plan information, as you have to register to do so. We did, but we’re still waiting for approval at the time of posting. Having said that, it looks like residences range in size from 644 to 4,400 square feet, with prices ranging from approximately $600,000 to over $5,000,000 for one of the exclusive penthouses.

The website is worth taking a look at. You can view it here:  Trump’s Vancouver Hotel and Residences And yes, you are at the right site if the page shows a woman making out with a stuffed bear! Not sure what to say about that…

Try to be patient as you work your way through the site and get past the typical Trump portraits of Donald and his family. We were very surprised at just how spectacular a building this is, probably much to the credit of Trump’s partner in this development, Joo Kim Tiah, CEO of Holborn Group. Credit should also be given to the late Arthur Erickson, famed Canadian Architect and the designer of this building. This was Erickson’s final project, who passed away in 2009. His other credits include Simon Fraser University, The Bank of Canada Building in Ottawa, the MacMillan Bloedel Building in Vancouver as well as Robson Square, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Provincial Law Courts, also in Vancouver.

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One Comment on “Market Mondays: What Does $600,000 Get You At Trump Tower in Vancouver?”

  1. Jen says:

    That bear has a sweet bracelet! Great article – well written and hilarious.

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