Market Mondays: Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Home For $9,500,000

When Elvis Presley married Priscilla in 1966, they spent their honeymoonarticle-2612988-1D5815B900000578-926_964x641 in this beautiful home located in Palm Springs. Their daughter was born exactly 9 months later, so one would imagine the house has a good vibe!

Elvis rented the home for a year for $21,000. At the time it was known as the “Home of Tomorrow” with unique architecture and all the modern amenities available in the late sixties.

The newlyweds only spent 3 days there before heading back to Graceland. The property is now set up as a sort of Elvis museum, so when you check out the pics imagine the home without the Elvis posters and cardboard cutouts of the couple dotted throughout the house. There might be a prize for the first person that correctly lets us know the actual number of Elvis images that are shown in the listing picture gallery at:  Million Dollar Listing.

Final point…if you recognize the listing agents it’s because you may have seen them on the reality show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”

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