Market Mondays: Count Dracula’s Castle on the Market for Reported $85,000,000!

4493957732_c8514d1cec_zCount Dracula’s famous castle, otherwise known as Bran Castle, is now on the market for a reported $85,000,000. Although Dracula was of course a fictional character, the Irish author Bram Stoker was apparently inspired by this real life castle located in Transylvania.

The castle has an incredible history, and was once the prison for a real life evil villain by the name of Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes. One doesn’t have to think too much to figure out what Vlad was imprisoned for!

The castle was completed in 1388, but the site was originally occupied as a fort by The Teutonic Knights as far back as 1211. The history really does read like a chapter from the Da Vinci Code. There is an excellent and humorous article in the Telegraph regarding the castle here: Buy a Stake in Dracula’s Castle

You can also get a complete look at the castle, one of Transylvania’s most popular tourist attractions, at: Bran Castle




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