Market Mondays: Aston Kutcher Looking For $12,000,000 For Glass House

6478219015_23e0f99d23_zAccording to the LA Times, Ashton Kutcher is shopping his home in the Hollywood Hills for a reported $12,000,000. The actor purchased the home in 2011 for approximately $8.5 million. The reason for the quick sale? He and Mila Kunis are expecting a baby, and this house is very hard to baby proof!

When you take a look at the pictures, you’ll agree. But what a beautiful property. The home makes extensive use of glass and water features throughout almost every room. If you’re looking for privacy, this is definitely not the home for you. Floor to ceiling glass is standard in every room on the view side of the house, with minimal draperies for cover. But what a view! If you look through the pictures you might even notice the Hollywood Sign in the background on one picture. Nice touch!

You can check out a full picture gallery of the property at: Curbed Los Angeles. The first picture is a real eye opener, a full frontal nude of Aston himself. With a few pixels thrown in for a G rating.




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